Day 3 Limonest Hill Climb

Day 3 – Limonset Hill Climb – 3.5 kms of hill. Closed road. 1926 c6 Amil car. A light weight type 51? This car won its class at nurburgring and Monza in 1931. This is the public road going up the other side.
The lunch was at the giordino museum. No vino … Not very French very Brussels perhaps. chatted to Fitz. And his driver / ride Nick Harley. Fitz says he is back in town, May some time.
We’ll the c6 seems very Lombard in some ways but very different in others; similar in …. voiterette class, no starter, a heavy push start, some plug challenges, boy it goes. thanks for the run Hubert (spelling) current president of the Swiss Bugatti club and attendee in NZ as well as S2S. Also thanks to Patrick Freidl for organising it.

Back to the hotel for a break and then dinner of course.

Until tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 3 Limonest Hill Climb

  1. Peter Latreille

    Geoff,We should all be most envious of you being at such an historical event.
    Give my regards to George Wingard who has been a great supporter of the 1908 Isotta Fraschini GP Tip[o FENC voiturette des Dieppe GP , and with whom Anne and I stayed in Eugene 2010.
    Today Geoff Hood and I are taking the Isotta, otherwise now known as ‘the mushroom risotto”, to Robe, South Australia this morning for a week long rally with the veteran car club.
    Peter Latreille


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