2019 Club Calendar

As at 12 November 2018 – dates subject to change

Date Event  Summary Responsible
24 February Summer Run Flowerdale Estate with over-night on the Saturday for those who wish to in Lancefield. Min
11-14 April Alternative G.A.B.R. The rally base is Beechworth, with a day north west, north east and south east. Geoff
18-19 May French Festival at Winton Historics Combined display race, regularity event with the Delage, Amil, Salmson, Lombard clubs Ben
14 September (afternoon) Bugatti Maintenance Session at Penrite garage with technical lubricants talk and focus on fuel issues Geoff
15 September Ettore’s Lunch / Spring Run Combined event run and lunch – for something different Roger
19 November Pur-Sang Run Run by the Ferrari Club Ray Delaney
1 December Xmas Drinks Madame Brussels rooftop bar in Bourke Street Michael


2020 Club Calendar

Date Event  Summary Responsible
2-5 April G.A.B.R. The rally base is Canberra and a week before Easter and in the school holidays Ian and Anitra Kenny


2019 Committee Calendar

Date Event  Location
11 Feb. Committee Ben
1 April Committee Michael (Bourke Street)
17 June Committee Adam
26 Aug. Committee Peter
11 Nov. Committee Min



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