Fitz & Reggie’s Excellent Adventure (Pebble Beach Classic Rally)Day 5 & 6

Day 5 Riverside to Eureka.  168 miles.
Today I realised a dream and drove through a forest of Redwoods.  To me they add another dimension to the word ” majestic”. So we stopped and I hugged one!
Our run was down the Redwood highway to the Pacific coast at Crescent City. The road was excellent, passing through forest with a number of small towns and some industrial stuff. There was more traffic than we have been used to, but no problems. Reg and I are enthusiastic collectors of quirky signs. We collected these this morning:
     “New beer– Slippery Zipper ” at the “G Spot” bar
      A Cobra with the number plate. “HSSSS”
      A hearse with the number plate. “FNL RYD “
       Chicken fried steak
       Spotty’s Car Wash
We had lunch looking over the Pacific, then headed down the Redwood Highway to Eureka. We are staying at the Carter House, which is a beautiful Victorian boutique hotel.  Eureka is famous for its Victorian architecture.
I’ll finish with a couple of general observations. There is coffee available everywhere. It’s awful and almost invariably comes in paper cups. Yuk!
All the places we have stayed have abandoned check in codes for WIFI. About time.

Day 6 Eureka to Albion 175 miles.
We have experienced a huge range of temperatures today. This morning started cool and foggy, requiring a jumper and jacket.  By mid morning it was warm and shirtsleeves were the way to travel . After lunch it must have been in the high 90s– really hot–  as we headed for the coast.  When we reached the coast it was back into jumpers and jackets.  Strange.
Last night at dinner we heard about a coffee shop in Eureka with a motorcycling theme, so we decided to check it out on our way out of town.  Good decision.  It is called “Lightning”.  I had easily the best coffee (in a mug) i have had in America.  Lightning features a collection of interesting motorbikes and memorabilia and the owner is a delightful guy .
It also features on a wall a mural of Roly  Free setting a speed record at Bonneville lying prone on his Vincent Black Lightning wearing only a  crash helmet and bathers! What a man!. Please support it next time you are in Eureka.
After leaving Eureka we did a bit of freeway motoring to Ferndale, which has a lovely Victorian main street. The many and varied shops feature some really high quality craft and art and some great antiques and quirky stuff.  As luck would have it there was a liquor store open, so we were able to stock up for our lunchtime BBQ among the redwoods.
The road to the Avenue of the Giants went through a valley chock full of cows. The road, unusually, was quite rough. Then we hit the Avenue of the Giants and drove for 10 miles through giant redwoods. Fantastic. We stopped at a picnic area and really did have a BBQ under the Redwoods. The red was a local petit shiraz and very palatable indeed.
The afternoon started very hot as we wound our way through more forest to the coast. Once we hit the coast the road became much easier as it ran along the cliffs above the coast. I have to say that it puts the Great Ocean Road to shame.  And Reg says that it is like this nearly all the way to San Francisco.
Our afternoon finished with a run down the Coast through Fort Bragg , Mendocino and Little River
( without the  Band)
Tonight we are staying at the Heritage House Resort, which is excellent so far, apart from the fact that our room has only a double bed and a couch.
Tomorrow we are going to visit what we are told is the best car collection in the World.
Stay tuned!


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