Pebble Beach Classic Rally from Fitz Day 7

Day 7 Albion to the Kenwood Inn , Sonoma Valley. Approx 150 miles.

An easy morning for Reg. We set off down the Pacific Coast Highway and he said ” the first call is in 92 miles” .
This must be one of the world’s great drives.The road hugs the coast pretty much all the way and there are few houses built between the road and the ocean. The road is mainly one lane in each direction, but there are lots of little turnouts and people are very good about using them to allow faster cars ( like the Sunbeam !) to pass.
The road is undulating and pretty twisty. As we bowled along I thought just how good the Sunbeam’s chassis and steering are. It isn’t as good as a Bugatti, but then nothing I have driven is.  The steering requires very little effort at any time and it doesn’t load up in corners.  I have finished each day feeling quite fresh and without aching shoulders.  My braking leg is another matter. The pedal effort is pretty high and there are a lot of corners.
As we proceeded we encountered coming the other way a train of at least 50 Lamboghinis heading the other way.  A very impressive sight and sound.

We drove down the coast to Jenner (92 miles ) and then turned inland into the Sonoma Valley which is wine country. Three things happened almost simultaneously– Reggie snapped into action, it started getting hotter as we went inland and the road surface deteriorated significantly.
Our destination for lunch was the Hop Kiln Winery. While there, Corry and Donna McFarland arrived sans car.  The transmission had failed in their 1958 Mercedes Cabriolet.
A short , but very bumpy afternoon drive to the Napa Valley and our home for the next two nights, the Kenwood Inn.  It is like a little bit of Tuscany and the rooms are really lovely.
I got my days wrong about the car collection viewing.  It’s tomorrow and I can reveal that it is the collection of Arturo Keller.
Tomorrow is a lay day , but I’ll report on the visit.

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