Quail Lodge & Pebble Beach

Quail Lodge

We exhibited the mighty Sunbeam at Quail Lodge today. It’s totally over the top. It runs sort of in opposition to Pebble Beach and cars shown at one are not accepted at the other.
It is pretty expensive to enter and very expensive to access. An admission ticket is over $500, but you do get free (?) food and drink.
A number of manufacturers have stands and there are lots of very shiny cars on display. Our section was prewar racing and sports cars , which didn’t mean anything really as there was a Silver Ghost and the most appalling LaFrance special. Peter Briggs was there with his beautiful K3 MG and won the class. Jim Hull and Tonya were there in their amazing Type 57 SC which has a body formed out of Electron and rivets. Peter Mullin had a Type 40 Fiacre. And there was a Type 46 trying to look like an Atalante.
Thr Quail didn’t really do it for us. Maybe we are a bit jaded after the last couple of weeks.
Next blog after PB on Sunday.

Pebble Beach

My second Pebble Beach in about 20 years. I  am struggling to make sense of it.–the effort , money and time that goes into this event which lasts less than a day.  There is huge sponsorship, the car companies have multi million dollar stands.  All the auction houses are there doing their thing. The public pays $300 for a general admission ticket.  All to see a hundred or so interesting and boring cars which by and large are a reflection of how much money their owners have.
The cars are displayed on the fairway of the PB Golf Club, so are dusty.  There is no shade.
 Competing cars are lined up from 5 am.  And the judging starts. The public get access from 10 am.  And there are many thousands.  It’s a bit like the Melbourne Cup — lots of couples looking as though they had stepped out of the Great Gatsby.  Lots of highly improbable breasts on conspicuous display.  Later in the day areas of the lawns strewn with empty Krug bottles.  A guy wandering around at lunchtime drinking Krug out of the bottle.
The Locals all take showing their cars very seriously.  On our Rally from Seattle it was the main topic of conversation.
For a chance at outright success– Best in Show , it seems you need to be a billionaire.  It was observed a number of times that the judging was quite political.  There has been pressure to award Best in Show to a post war car and yesterday it happened.  Best in Show went to a really lovely Ferrari.  But to me it could just as easily have gone to any one of 20 cars
The whole thing is pretty bizarre.  And a very long day.


2 thoughts on “Quail Lodge & Pebble Beach

  1. george hetrel

    Hello Fitz,

    Thanks for your summary from the shoulder which i have very much enjoyed especially

    the segment presented by the opposite sex. Would you consider this sector equally competitive to the metal competition

    on a percentagy basis?

    For years now i have listened to previous visitors to the event and have never been inspired to partake.

    Best regards,

    George Hetrel

  2. brian jeffery

    the report on Pebble is spot on, I have been to 7 or 8, my wife to over 20 Pebble Brach displays. It is now the province of very wealthy owners with very over restored cars, mostly maintained and cleaned by a team of detail experts (including toothbrush cleaning of grass from the tyre treads etc). The only saving grace is the as is, barn finds, but even most of them are very expensive cars–ie Ferrari or some other exotic, not too many old Dodge 4’s!!. Sad really, as it started out OK.


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