Bugatti Tour du Provence

Dear Members,

We received the following from a member of the public and thought you would be interested.

“Dear sir, madam,

Please find enclosed the Youtube link of the short film impression I made of the Bugatti Tour du Provence, about 4 weeks ago. Perhaps members of your club were there too. I filmed an Australian team there. Anyway, we were there on our holiday and to our surprise we met this genuine Bugatti peloton.

After our return home I checked the internet and noticed your website with more information and your email address as well.

Hopefully you will enjoy watching the short film impression. Please let me know if you do.

Hope hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Peter Heuts”

2 thoughts on “Bugatti Tour du Provence

  1. george hetrel

    Hi Peter & Mark,

    A truly great experience to stumble onto such an exciting event and your most generous consideration in sharing it .I dare not to mention this to mine could
    cause problems.
    On the local scene as part of the 50th anniversary of the marque we will be displaying 17 such cars at the Motorclassia 4th weekend October at the
    Exhibition buildings.An event not to be missed.

    Best regards,
    George Hetrel

  2. Bob King


    Great film. There were a number of Australians in Bugattis – some in your excellent film. The rain really was that heavy.


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