Day 4 – Rhone and Loire Valleys and Foothills


Cold day (<5C at the off)… it took just a few minutes to get into typical French countryside.

Narrow winding B and C roads, some challenging navigation – particuarly as the helpful words next to the tulips were in French of course.

French Tulips

My lift for the day was Guy Huet’s T44 – lovely Gangloff body, very original car and of course an excellent gearbox. No overdrive, but perfect for the terrain.



We spent the morning travelling through the valleys and foothills, stopped at a Mercedes dealership (a sponsor I presume) but there was no coffee (bit odd really). Away again to a small village and a reception from the town and appertifs for Societie Generale customers only (!!….) Nice to warm up after a cold run, no rain but wind chill over the aero screens would have been below zero.

Home was about 45 minutes and a coffee stop. The normal stopping to offer assistance on the col to a T37 (original, one solex carburettor and nicely worn). The cyclists were also very helpful.


Dinner was Paul Bocous – the abbey restaurant on the Rhone. We got there along the river and then had a great dinner with his collection of fairground / circus organs. Dinner was with the Eckerleys (T13), Goy Fettes (T35) and others.

Just had my first hour or so at the National Car Museum, then the weekend at Monaco. Andrew and Adam leave today with the Dutton crew.

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