Day 5 Mulhouse Auto Museum

Day 5 – Mulhouse National Automobile Museum

Adam Berryman and Andrew Cannon left the UK on the Monday the 5th May with the Dutton crew on their way to Monaco. I think they arrive on the 7th or 8th ready for practice.

I arrived in Mulhouse later in the afternoon (using the rental bike at the various locations around town — think of the Melbourne city council blue bikes — the museum was only 2 kms from the hotel) after an easy 3.5 hr TGV run from Lyon.

The museum was in two parts, the “old” Schlumpf part in the woollen mill with all the walls knocked out to create a very open space for the hundreds of cars, and the “new” museum aspect with smart exhibits, lots of modern wood panelling and leather armchairs. The latter was where the Royale train engine, T57S broken down in parts, T74 engine, etc were located.


I met the head of restorations but no tour of the workshop due to meetings.

Favourites, broken down – in exhibit form – T57S, Gordini various, 2.9C Alfa, CO Amil car, T50 Bugatti, various T46, T49 and T74 in their 1930’s bodies.



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