Pebble Beach Classic Rally from Fitz Day 3 & 4

Day three.
From Mt Hood 250 miles through the Cascades to SunRiver Resort in central Oregon , with lunch at BlackButte Ranch. A long , hot, hard day on beautiful, mainly empty roads, with fantastic scenery.  Mile after mile of forest. The road following big rivers.  Two big passes– Mc Kenzies Pass and another whose name I can’t remember. The Sun River Resort is at about 4500 feet.
The Sunbeam is going beautifully.  Today’s highlight was overtaking two modern Corvettes going up a hill and the tucking in behind a truck for a run downhill. And there at the bottom of the hill was the Highway Patrol. We survived. Don’t know about the Corvettes.
A book could be written about American shower taps. In every hotel or motel they seem to be different and confusing.  I spent ages fiddling with one last night to discover that you had to pull down on the bath tap outlet to make the water come out of the shower.  What happened to the good old hot and cold taps?

Day Four

In yesterday’s instalment I was railing on about American showers. I also am experiencing a problem with the height of the ambient water level in American toilets. It is much higher than In Australia , or Europe come to think of it . So I’ll leave it to your imagination (or experience of American toilets) to complete the sentence.
Back to the Rally.
We left the SunRiver Resort early so that we could arrive early at our lunch destination because that was the only way they would agree to handle our group. The lunch destination was Crater Lake lodge, another of the series of wonderful old Lodges we have visited on the Rally.  It is built on the very edge of Crater Lake. Think the Mount Gambier Blue Lake by about one hundred. Absolutely breathtaking.
The drive to Crater Lake started chilly but rapidly warmed up. The drive was again mainly through fir forests on flowing , billiard table roads.  It was among the best drives I have ever had.
As usual Reg got the calls spot on.  After lunch a 90 mile drive To Grants Pass, a  200 mile day.  Waiting for us was a special treat — a jetboat trip to a BBQ dinner . We did all the jetboat stuff– spins  ,clipping the banks ,going through rapids. Everyone got soaked and loved it.
There have been a couple of casualties. The beautiful ambulance has retired . It just couldn’t handle the climbs over the passes. Today the German Speed Six Bentley has had magneto trouble, but they seem to have that sorted now.  The Sunbeam is just singing. It loves these flowing traffic free smooth roads.
I am tremendously impressed by the way the American cars go. Most of the cars on our Rally are Concours standard with heavy bodywork but except on the severe climbs they really get along and have been very reliable.

Tomorrow we head for the Coast.
And more shower mechanisms!

2 thoughts on “Pebble Beach Classic Rally from Fitz Day 3 & 4

  1. Richard & Judy

    hey John , great getting your emails ,been wondering about the temperature situation , but it seems there isn’t one! Go the mighty Sunbeam, but do go easy on those Mustangs you will give them an inferiority complex .
    Brescia back together with repaired cam shaft & generator finally working again . Peter Schroeder did the job & Steve refitted it . Jude & I drove to Daylesford today narrowly avoiding snow at Trentham .
    Extensions continue , here , apace, you won’t recognise 91 when you come for lunch on your return.
    Keep up the despatches we love em , regards to Reg, he too is invited to lunch!
    Regards Richard & Jude .

  2. Geoff

    Hang in there on the bathroom trials Fitz. Sounds like you may need to reconsider your bathroom ficture choices at the little French house to make the Americans feel more at home!


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